At 116 we have a complete workshop to take care of your bike. We perform 

At 116 we have a complete workshop to service your bike. We service all kinds of (muscle powered) bikes. We love building custom wheels for our customers. 

Service costs - excluding material (if not stated)

Puncture repair incl. New tube -  Front: SEK 289,  Rear: 389kr

Full service -  650kr

Wheel change + 200kr / wheel

Wheel truing incl. New spoke (cost of spoke (s) will be added 10kr / spoke) - from 300kr

Replace brake pads incl. Brake adjustment - 200kr / brake

Brake service - SEK 150 per brake

Gear service - 200kr

Replace chain -  200kr

Wheel build (materials bought here) -  250kr
Wheel build (your materials) - 500kr

Replace grips - 50kr

Replace wheel bearings  - 150kr / wheel

Replace head set - from 100kr

Brake bleed -  350kr / brake

Replace bottom bracket / crankset -  300kr

Replace drive train - from 500kr

Replacement of steering bearing NOK 350

General trouble shooting - from  100 SEK

Bottom bracket shell tapping / facing - SEK 400 

(cleaning the threads or facing the outside

of the bottom bracket shell)